Black Swan will recover valuable data from any phone, in any condition. There is a wealth of information available from the cellular data hidden in your hand. We are able to extract data from phones that have been damaged or destroyed. We can overcome most any attempt to hide the data you need.


No video or picture accessed or taken on a cell phone is lost.

Even when a file is deleted, its digital imprint remains.  We have the technology and the training to bring these “lost” images back to life.

We have the programs necessary to evaluate all incoming and outgoing calls relative to the device.

We will also track and analyze the event logs the phone has created.

Contacts are a major source of information.

From the ones keyed in by the user to ones received from other sources.  Valuable insight is obtained by evaluating the type of information tied to the contact and the time the contacts were alter

Social medial activity performed from the cellular devices can be tracked and provided.

Every tweet, Like, Poke and comment are there for our review.

GPS History

The GPS history of the device, along with maps and routes, are a tool we love to utilize.  Where was the user on the date and time in question?  What were they doing?  Who were they with?  What devices were connected via bluetooth?  We can answer all these questions.

The GPS features and cellphone tower contacts allow Black Swan – mobile phone forensics to track the movement history of the device.  When reviewed in connection with the other data we preserve, a complete picture of the device, and its user, can be created.  Data does not lie.

Calendars, Scheduled Tasks and Personal Dictionaries

Looking for use of company branded terminology in communications?  We can provide every incident.  Does the user use certain unconventional words or phrases? We can tie the device to them with these features.

Black Swan will unlock the truths hidden in the cellular data to provide the factual picture of the device and user. No longer question what is happening, get the facts!

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